What do we offer our potential clients/partners/awesome people we do stuff for?


We can create memorable little drawings of your favourite cat ready to ink – or even some funky custom art for that new feature wall. Whatever a pen/pencil can do to paper we can do for you.


Think a technical design of your garden, a product or even an insightful new mobile app you want to WOW your customers with – we do that. Taking it from concept to design is our thing.

3Ds (DD and D)

Before we go into the big DESIGN, let us talk about 3Ds. See that design we made for you? Well it is a bit… Flat. We can also take that 2D and turn it into a 3D! This is all part of our craft.


Not the type you wrap around yourself in winter – but think bespoke software solutions, websites and mobile applications (hint – we love games, and not just playing them).

Skew Lines are; "Two or more lines which have no intersections but are not parallel, also called agonic lines. Since two lines in the plane must intersect or be parallel, skew lines can exist only in three or more dimensions."

About Us

What are we all about and what do we love doing?
You see we love designing and developing technology.

Just think about us a pair of freelancers who really likes to jump out of the box. You have a project and realise "Oh no! We need a simple and clean design for our product!" or else the project is doomed.

That is where we come in - let us grab a cup of coffee, pull out our notepads and laptops and brainstorm a bit. Think of it as getting a bunch of cool folk to help you solve some problems by rendering some specialised services. Better yet, we think out of the proverbial box.

Box? What box? Bam! We throw that box away and present you with cool, simple and innovative solutions - tailored for your needs using the best suited tools at our disposal.

  • Problem Solving

    A problem is just an opportunity, let us help you seize it.

  • Stunning Visuals

    We can make apps, but we can make them very pretty too!

  • Hand Crafted

    We don't cut corners, we prefer doing everything we can for you.

  • Perfectly You

    It's not about us - it is all about you. Everything we do, is for the customer.


You would think that due to our love for beautifully crafted technology and custom designs we are a bunch of robots but unfortunately we are just two plain janes!
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Below are a few links. Click on them to see some of the pretty things I’ve made. You can also like them or follow me if you want to see more.
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Software Developer
I like coffee, code and creating beautiful things. Coming Soon – links to my github account! Keep an eye out for some open source goodies.

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